Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coming 'round the bend

Every now and then , things get so busy, I have a hard time keeping the blog up-to-date.

My writer's group has been especially prolific of late, five manuscripts (including mine) for review within the past two months; the IWK Auxiliary Kermesse for which I handle the promotions is three weeks away; and my son, L, is moving to TO next week.

I am beginning the final MS edit today -- a paranormal story by a dear friend -- and once I'm finished that I can get back to editing mine based on the helpful comments of the writing group.

As usual, I already know what I want to work on next so have to really focus to stay true to the current work.

Add to this, the ongoing need to market my previous MS, job hunting, and the beginning of a brand-new chapter in my life (one in which I could completely re-invent myself, if I so choose) and there is an awful lot buzzing around my brain.

To give you an example of my over-active brain, a few nights ago I was contemplating which life-path to choose while watching my favourite design show.

I thought: Maybe I could be an interior designer. Wonder what classes are available.

I got online to look. This led me to think about other summer classes and whether I might take a credit course at any of the local universities.

Which got me thinking about a writing sabbatical abroad which got me wondering about working for aid agencies and traveling the world through this line of work.

Do you have periods in your life when you feel like there is so much potential, so many options that they send you into mental paralysis?

Focus. That's been my nemesis lately. If I have seemed a little scattered, it's because I am.

I've never been indecisive before. Never. My second husband used to laugh at my Rambo-esque approach to life -- charge ahead, take the hits, charge again. He complained that my inner core was made of Indian rubber, that no matter what befell me, I'd bounce back with nary a scar.

Of course, that wasn't true. Scars there are aplenty. It is true, however, that, with the exception of love, I have been fearless.

I find this inability to make a decision is wearing on me, but I can't help but wonder what's around the next corner.

How about you? Do you know what's in your future?



  1. Whenever I have trouble making a decision, I just keep pondering, and I wait. Ponder and wait. Sooner or later, usually sooner, my guts tell me what to do.

  2. I'm with you on that. And, until now, my gut has proven to be pretty good. Especially when I ignore it. :-) But it's not helping this time out so I figure something better's comin' 'round the bend and only patience will get me there.

  3. that would terrify me. i like knowing what is happening next.

  4. I like change. I like trying new things. This, however, has been a particularly long period of uncertainty. It's a tough one for sure.