Saturday, August 14, 2010

The coin of the realm

The evolution of language is an interesting thing. It gives us such insight into our culture and how our perceptions, etc. have changed over the years.

A hundred years ago a woman who was well-endowed had a good dowry. Today, one who is so described has large breasts -- today's coin of the realm.

Each has its appeal to men. Which, I wonder, is better for women?



  1. Some men I know, including my husband, at least SAY they prefer a woman with a well-endowed brain. It would be really cool for women if all men thought that way.

  2. Ahhhh.... I knew J was a great guy!

  3. Those of us who are well endowed often find it difficult to get men to look past our chests to contemplate our brains. I may take up ventriloquism just to see how the men react men my breast speak back to them.