Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wish list for the holidays

In my house, it's not Christmas unless I get a book under the tree or in my stocking.

This year, I've requested (and I do have to request them as my bookshelves are crammed and no one could possibly know what I already have):

  • Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels
  • Fall by Colin McAdam
  • The Disappeared by Kim Echlin
  • Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving

I've been  thinking about e-readers but am not ready to take the plunge. The idea of being able to cart numerous books with me without the excess weight is appealing but reading from yet another screen is not. (Just wait my friend, someday you too may need bifocals! I am beginning to see the appeal of large type on my computer screen already.)

What about you? What's on your reading/wish list for the holidays? Are you or have you gone electronic?


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