Monday, January 11, 2010

Canada Games Ho!

I am now, officially, the communication lead for the culture side of the Canada Games. Yes, I know. You're thinking: "Canada Games. Isn't that sports?" It surely is. But there is a parallel and equally important culture side to the games. As Nova Scotia is the host province for the 2011 winter games, we have a great opportunity to showcase NS talent without forgetting about the rest of Canada. (The Canada Games alternates each two years between summer and winter games. We are hosting the next winter games.)

In addition, three young artists -- across all genres of art -- from every province and territory will come to the province to create for two weeks and then present their oeuvres at a grand gala. There is also a nightly festival, the opening and closing ceremonies, and whatever else we can come up with.

This opportunity is both exciting and terrifying.

HERE is the link for the 2011 Halifax Canada Games website.



  1. well it's decided then, you have to stay in NS

  2. That's the deal. It's a pretty exciting opportunity.