Saturday, January 2, 2010

'Cause the Cards Say So!

On-line tarot readings! Don't laugh. I heard that titter from here. And wipe that smirk off your face. You... you anti-new-age intellectual you.

I will have you know that my year is going to be a good one. I have a nine-page print-out to prove it. That is if I don't do something to screw it up. And, of course, I can change my course. Oh, never mind.

Here's my future according to the Great Karnak or someone.

How I perceive myself: 8 of Wands -- the change I am creating in my life is challenging me to keep up with it. (Really? Me, changing? Again? No kidding!)
My situation: 6 of coins -- there is an imbalance in my social or family situation.
Challenges/Opportunities (sounds like one of the communication plans I write for a living): page of swords -- I have the opportunity and position to influence those around me. (Well, I am Empress of the Universe.)
Personal history: 3 of coins -- pass on my craft/knowledge/understanding on to others
Recent past: 8 of swords: I have passed a test. The worst is over. (Yea, me!)
Higher power: knight of coins -- I am in a position to infuse a situation with energy and optimism.
Near future: 10 of coins -- I am supposed to relax knowing that abundance is mine. Mine, I tell you! However it will only last if I follow the advice card that follows below.
Blocks and Inhibitions: 9 of coins -- Now is the time for me to stop questioning my worthiness and get moving. Stop being rudderless.
Allies: 9 of coins -- put my work aside and focus on interacting with others. Take time to confer with talented people I admire who can support me. (Rather self-serving!)
Advice (here's the card we've been waiting for): page of cups -- Make myself fully available for whatever is needed. Find the best way to be of service to others (You're fucking kidding me. That's been my whole life. No way. It's Miller Time, baby! So what's this mean? That abundance with only be mine if I "Look at individuals around me as the embodiment of the Divine and try to fulfill each one's needs." The explanation goes on to say that I should be unconcerned with the outcome of my efforts. That I will, at some time in the future, understand why I needed to be in this position. UGH!)
Long-term potential: king of wands -- my foundation is firm, a growth trend is established and the future is abundant.Take some risks with an eye to the future.

I could certainly deal with some abundance. And as funny as this is, much of it sounds right. I am learning new things, I am sharpening my craft, I am entering a period of service to a couple of non-profits including a local hospital, and a potential volunteer arrangement with the Canada Games 2011. And I am at a fork in the road. Well, many forks actually. But I like change so that's not a bad thing. I just have to make some decisions. That's the tough part.

What about you? What do you want for your year?


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