Monday, January 4, 2010

My Sugar Jones

So getting back to the diet has been fun. My goal in December was to maintain the weight I had lost which I more or less succeeded at. (Yes, okay, I went up about a pound but it's already gone, so I'm not counting it.)

But now let's get to what the real issue is... my sugar jones. Holy crap! I primed the pump with a tiny -- and I mean tiny -- piece of cherry pie and by the next day was eating every brownie in sight.  Made me realize that when people talk about sugar addictions, they aren't making it up. (Waaaa! I've got an addiction.)

I had sort of realized it before Christmas as I white-knuckled my way through days of healthy eating, dreaming about food. I keep only healthy stuff in the house for a reason. Geez. I wouldn't last a day with pie. Although I have. And it's made me feel very self-righteous. But I have become one of those people who concentrates on food intake. What have I eaten?  What can I eat? What will I eat? The kind of person that I would have wanted to slap silly only a few months ago is now me.

The only advance I think I've made on the psychological front is that as I was gorging (and by no means did this year's food-fest come anywhere near to what I would have eaten say last Christmas) the junk didn't taste as good as I thought it would. And it made me feel kinda gross.

Not that I stopped eating. I kept right on sampling hoping for that wow-this-tastes-amazing chime to ring in my brain's pleasure centre. Didn't happen.

Once the holidays were over, all the left over treats were given away or thrown out and the fridge is back to it's pre-Christmas offerings. Non-fat yogurt and low-sodium V-8 are my saviour foods. If I want something sort-of desserty I go for the former; if I'm hungry but it's after supper or mid-afternoon, it's V-8.

When's the next celebration? Valentine's Day? At least that won't be an issue for me this year.

But when does the habit/craving stop?

Anyone? Anyone?



  1. ah the food addiction. sucks cause it's not like nicotine or alcohol, you HAVE to have it still.

  2. Oh goodie! I have an excuse to feel extra self righteous or sorry for myself depending on my mood.